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Permanent Contribution Membership



We invite you to participate and contribute to the transformation of Education by being part of the group of donors who contribute monthly to our mission.

Too frequently, contributing to social change is something we place at the bottom of our list of priorities. Today, you can be an agent of permanent change, not only with your automatic monthly donation, but also with your participation in live events included in our membership. In addition, you can make a difference by spreading the word about the content included in our monthly digital magazine, and by sharing your point of view and ideas about the creation of the “new” Education made possible with our psychoeducational resources.

Our Evolucation members are part of our team.

Be part of our family, grow and learn in our events and / or simply be present with your contribution and commitment to the transformation of Education by joining Evolucation.

Evolution members receive the following every month

Invitation to a monthly live event with special guests, workshops, networking, etc.
Our Digital Magazine updated every month with special articles, interviews and more.
Surprises, promotions, and special materials for members only

We know that your interests are unique. If you are a collaborating mother we will invite you to events related to parenting, if you are a teacher you will love our gatherings to transform Education in your classroom. We are committed to knowing the interests of our members and to support them with what interests them the most.

Plans to choose from in our private Membership


Monthly Plan

Quarterly Plan
Annual Plan

Choose your plan and join us in our commitment to the transformation of the current Educational System, changing it into a space of holistic personal growth development of the new humanity


What happens when I sign up for the Evolucation membership?

In addition to receiving our infinite gratitude, you will be registered in our automated payment system so that each month, each quarter or each year, depending on the plan you choose, your donation will be processed. Additionally, you will receive our invitation to the live monthly event, our digital magazine and surprises throughout the month.

Is it mandatory to attend live events?

The events are an optional activity included in your membership and you will decide when to join us.

What happens if I choose to withdraw from the Evolucation membership?

You can withdraw from the membership at any time. Your cancellation will stop additional donations. And, of course, we will be waiting with open arms for your return.

What do you do with the donations received through this membership?

It is our commitment to share with you how your donations are being utilized. By being a member of Evolucation, you are co-creating with us psychoeducational resources including books, software, games and other tools which make possible gender neutral inclusive classrooms, full of love for our human singularities and diversity. You will always know how you are making a difference with this membership.

Are there other ways I can contribute?

Sure, you can participate as a volunteer, an affiliate, or any other way you wish to contribute. Send us a message sharing your idea of participation and we will get back to you promptly.

How does you affiliate program work?

If you think you can get other donors interested in supporting the vision of Global Evolution Education and its activities, send us a message and we will respond with information, including the benefits of collaborating as an affiliate.

You may contact us via private message Instagram@globalevolutioneducation, or by sending email at

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