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Teen Evolution Education 2021

Let us collaborate to transform the lives of our youth, preparing them with the tools they need to show and share their power. Critical tools that will support them in creating the changes we all wish to see in the world!

Teen Evolution Education, Inc., has created this Alliance with the aim of collaborating with Latino, Black and LGBTQ+ book Illustrators. Together, as a powerful team, we will create the workbook SUPERNOVA: “100 challenges to Show Your Power”, a toolbox that will guide and support teens in developing love for themselves and for the world.

This book, in workbook format, contains exercises and challenges that teach diversity, inclusion and solidarity. We strongly believe it has the potential to significantly impact members of Gen Z.

SUPERNOVA: “100 Challenges to Show Your Power” represents a tool for the self-discovery and transformation of millions of adolescents. It is our intention to reach Gen Z with a message of courage, love and passion needed to create a better world.

In addition, through this alliance we will increase the visibility of participating visual artists, who frequently experience unfair treatment and unequal opportunities.
The illustrations, together with their creators, will not only enhance visually each challenge presented in the book, but will also offer examples of human sensitivity and demonstrate the commitment of participating artists to make this a better world for all.


Artists older than 18 years residing anywhere in the world can participate in this alliance. We encourage the participation of artists from all races, ethnic, social and religious backgrounds. Finally, we embrace functional diversity and neurodiversity.


First contact:

In order to appreciate the talent of the Illustrators interested in participating in this Alliance, and their understanding of the characters that have already been developed for the book, we are requesting that they send us their basic information, along with an illustration in which they incorporate one or more of our awesome gender expansive Teen characters.

Details of each character are presented below in the section titled “Characters”. After receiving the information and the illustration from all interested parties, we will invite up to 100 illustrators to participate in the Alliance.

If you are interested, submit your information and illustration at the bottom of this page between the 7th and the 30th of June 2021.

Online Orientation Meeting with Participants:

All illustrators who accept our Invitation to participate in the Alliance and submit illustrations to be included in the book SUPERNOVA: “100 challenges to Show Your Power”, will be invited to an Online Meeting with the Co-founders and other members of the Teen Evolution Education team.  In this virtual meeting, we will  get to know each other, answer questions,  and celebrate our Alliance and collaboration in pro of the well-being of our extraordinary teens.

July 7, 2021, has been set as the tentative date of this meeting.



They are all inmigrants living in USA, except Abby who was born in New York City. Teemi and Nico are of Latin origin. Noah’s great grandparents migrated from China to Cuba and later to New York. They are all friends living in New York City.

Teemi: is a trans girl, wise and mystical. She is 17 years old, deeply spiritual, and at the same time connected to her body, which is why she cares for and values ​​it. She has used a prosthesis on her left leg since she survived an accident. She presents the 100 Challenges, sharing her wisdom with everyone. Teemi symbolizes Teen Evolution.

Abby: she is a 15-year-old girl, loves  reading, writes her own blog, and believes in fairy tales. She possesses psychic abilities that she rarely shares with others, and at times this Divine gift weighs heavily on her.  She participates in a transfeminist group.

Pacha: An owl that accompanies Teemi when she presents a challenge to teenagers who are unable to show their power due to fears and insecurities. 

Noah: Is a 16-year-old boy, who towards the more advanced challenges starts to question what is a boy and what is a girl. Initially, he only likes boys, but later also likes girls. He doesn’t identify with any gender label. He is an illustrator. He loves to put on makeup and wear skirts. He rescues animals from the street.

Nico: Is a 16 year old lesbian.  While going through and working on the 100 Challenges, Nico decides to reveal her secret by sharing with her family and the world that she is a lesbian.   She is a guitarist in a rock band and likes to sing, but feels insecure. She has an exuberant voice, loves video games and wants to study engineering.

The artist will create a single illustration and submit it in JPEG/JPG format, in either landscape (1280 wide 900 by pixels), or portrait (900 wide by 1280 pixels). In either case, size will not exceed 2MB.


In addition to having their illustrations included in the book SUPERNOVA: “100 Challenges to Show Your Power”, the member artists of this alliance will receive the following additional benefits:

Release of rights to the images:

Illustrators will sign contract releasing the rights to the illustrations published in the book.


All Inquiries can be consulted via direct message through our Instagram account @teenevolutioneducation, and will be answered within 48 hours.

Thank You for Your Interest!!!

You may contact us via private message Instagram@globalevolutioneducation, or by sending email at

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